I know actors.  All actors should be shot. I am one myself, first and foremost, so I can say that with great confidence and a little sarcasm… Hey, if we can’t laugh at ourselves, then don’t choose to put yourself in front of people… Laugh away!

I also know what agents and casting directors expect from a headshot.  Period.

Specializing in actor headshots is a niche, and this is where I can exclaim – THAT’S WHAT I DO, and I love it!  Every client is a ROCK STAR.

CREDENTIALS: Jackie holds a BFA in Performance and Film Studies from Chapman University’s theatre and film department in Orange, California, one of the country’s most elite film schools.  Camera operator was always her favorite behind-the-scenes job. She studied under Professor Tom Bradac, a founder of Shakespeare Orange County, Professor Michael Nehring, Professor Ron Thronson, and under several instructors in London. Her roots of acting are based in Stanislavsky, Feldenkrais, and Alexander Technique.  Jackie has performed, studied, and taught acting in England, California, and now Atlanta.  As the founder, Creative Director, and PR Director of CATCo, a non-profit community theatre in north metro Atlanta, Jackie managed to provide high quality entertainment and acting/crew opportunities through plays, musicals, a murder mystery troupe, a radio theatre troupe, and through a new playwright’s initiative. Currently, besides her own acting and actor-services, this jackie-of-many-trades volunteers as a camera operator for North Point media.


 I have to give mention to my father.  He was a photographer in WWII and always carried photos of the horrific Holocaust as a reminder and as proof.  Geology was his passion, but he was the kind of dad who had a camera around his neck everywhere he went…and several different types of cameras flooding his shelves.  My dad was still an active and successful geologist in Southern California, climbing the hills and wielding his pick, until an unrelated accident led to his death at age 82.

Thank you, daddy.  I miss you and will see you soon.  You would be proud that I have carried on your tradition of being the annoying picture-taker (I can hear him laughing now)
Psalm 121: 1-2

Located in Cumming, GA

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